3 Renovations That WIll Increase The Value of Your Home

The real estate market in America has been pretty unstable lately and it has become extremely difficult for the homeowners to get a good price for their property. Faced with depressed market and less than ideal prices most property owners have selected to hold onto their property rather than selling it at a low price. But since you are holding on to your property it is important to ensure that your property does not become obsolete and remains desirable for the property seekers. Below we would be listing some of the most financially desirable home improvement projects.

1) Remodel the Kitchen


Kitchen is one of the most prized possession for any family. Research reveals that kitchen remodeling adds nearly 60% to the value of the house. But you should ensure that the remodeling does not make the kitchen look more lavish than the rest of house that would create a disparity in design and can be off-putting for the property buyers. You must strike a good balance between the high quality kitchen and rest of the house.

2) Repainting and Repairs


The physical look and beauty of the house is very important in making a sale successful. Repainting the entire house can give it a fresh and new look that is very desirable for the buyers. Repainting the house requires relative low investment but can go a long way in adding a lot of value to your house.

3) Bathroom Addition


Many of the old design homes don’t have separate bathroom in each room that can cause a lot of inconvenience for the home owners. In order to make the house more desirable to the buyers you should also consider adding an extra bathroom in the house. That would add a lot of value to the property and make it more desirable for the buyers.


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